Bioenergy Healing
with George Mackenzie St Andrews and Dundee

NATURAL HEALING-bioenergy therapy/dowsing

Mission Statement - leading others in creating the conditions necessary for healing to happen

COMING SOON- MONTHLY -CLUB 22- PERSONAL ENERGY MANAGEMENT CLASSES-started 22nd September, next class Sat 19th October- a unique fusion of bio energy wisdom and the art of dowsing keeping you on top- a natural progression after experiencing the benefits of Bio-energy Healing -Avebury, Cumbria and Fife.

CUMBRIA clinic-I am enthusiastic to announce details of my next monthly clinic for October 2019.

Cumbria, Monday 7th October 1hr healing sessions available at Holistic Reflections, Wilton, Egremont-book direct on here,click make a booking button.

AVEBURY -social centre, Avebury, Wiltshire, Wed, Thurs, Fri 9th,10th,11th October- clients are reminded that attendance for 3 x1 hr sessions over the 3 days with a follow up 1 month later maximises our health benefits.-book direct on here,click make a booking button.

Natural Healing -

A down to earth, innovative approach to promote our body's natural ability to heal. Generally 3- 1 hour sessions over 3 consecutive days with a follow up 1 month later are required to maximise the positive enhancing effects of this wonderful therapy.(some people choose monthly or weekly sessions]

I use a blend of both Bio- energy and Dowsing to create conditions required to ignite our innate healing process we all possess.

Bio energy is a non-touch therapy which helps unblock and re-balance our bio energy field, the energy surrounding us, the difference can be felt immediately, and has a numerous variety of long term psychological, physical,emotional and even spiritual benefits. A deeper sense of relaxation, reduced pain and a sense of a new positive personal perspective can be attained even after one session.

The process is both relaxing and energising, the results exhilarating. Our body's respond immediately to this subtle practice.

Reserve your space at my next clinic on line, today!

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