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Natural Healing through Bio Energy Therapy & Dowsing

Committed to leading others through challenging times by facilitating self-healing and rejuvenation

Offering a down-to-earth, innovative approach to health and wellbeing, I focus on forming strong physical and emotional foundations by improving the body’s natural ability to heal. I use a unique fusion of bio energy wisdom and the ancient art of spiritual dowsing. My mission is to help you create the optimal conditions required by your body to reignite the innate healing process that’s within us all.

"Feel much better about myself and have loads more energy" Jeannie

What is bio energy therapy?

Bio energy therapy is a sensitive, no-touch practice which can have powerful effects. It helps to unblock and rebalance the body’s natural bio energy field; the field of energy that surrounds us. The effects of the therapy can be dramatic, and can be experienced immediately. It can generate a long-lasting impact on all aspects of psychological, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, to improve health and happiness and promote positivity.

Followers frequently report feelings of deeper relaxation, reduced pain, and a sense of a new, positive personal perspective. Bio energy is often used to build a stronger and more resilient mindset among those with a wide variety of conditions. I’ve worked with clients presenting with a variety of health concerns, including;
Acid reflux
Chronic Fatigue
Chrohns Disease
Digestive Disorders
Low Immune System
Environmental Toxins
Emotional Traumas
Chronic joint problem
Chronic Pain
Chronic Bacterial, Fungal, Parasitic or Viral Infections
And many, many other health disorders

Feel free to ask if I can help with your concerns. A confidential message on my Facebook Page..

I’m proud to take an individual and holistic approach to wellbeing. All bio energy sessions are centred around the needs, preferences, and one-of-a-kind experiences of each person, for a uniquely tailored therapy.

"Arrived feeling tired low with little confidence, left feeling energised positive and ready to take on almost anything, life is good." Pauline Dundee

About Me George Mackenzie

All bio energy therapy and dowsing sessions are undertaken personally by me, George Mackenzie. I’m a qualified healer and I’ve spent the past four decades on a journey of self-discovery. I experienced excruciating headaches from a young age which failed to respond to traditional medicine. I finally found relief with bio energy therapy, and today, I’m on a mission to support others as they take charge of their own health. I offer support to those striving to better develop their own ability to self-heal.

I focus on a niche area of self-improvement and development known as dowsing. Dowsing is an ancient yet often underutilised technique for opening up the subconscious mind. Hidden inner beliefs and values can be translated into a more tangible form of communication. This is achieved through the use of a pendulum, which swings to communicate our innermost thoughts and feelings.

Dowsing is a practice that can as easily be applied to animals as it can to people. I’ve become a local leader across St Andrews and Dundee in the art of animal dowsing. I act as a much-needed ‘last chance saloon’ for struggling horse and dog owners who have tried other techniques without success.

"Was in constant pain which was heavy on my body. Now feel so light weight as have no pain." Roberta.Aberdeen.

My sessions

I offer bio energy therapy and dowsing across Avebury, Cumbria, Fife, and surrounding areas.

I also offer distant healing, and I regularly travel around the UK, connecting with my patients. Consultations can be given via telephone, Skype or Zoom.

Typically, I recommend three one-hour sessions, across three consecutive days, for optimal results. A one-month follow-up appointment is recommended to maximise the enhancing effects of the therapy. The sessions generally start at £29.40 each. The number of sessions vary, but clients are told in advance, having first received a consultation.

Contact me to find out more, or to reserve your space at my next event. Visit for more about how I can help you embark on your healing journey.

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