Bioenergy Healing
with George Mackenzie St Andrews and Dundee


Mission Statement -To work together, with my clients both people and pets, in facilitating their development and ability to create a sense of internal balance necessary for healing to occur, by identifying the underlying energetics preventing healing and to offer and provide knowledge and solutions which activate healing.

I help people and animals awaken to a new perspective within.

What's Happening.

1) How good will it feel for you to help others heal?- BECOME A BIOENERGY THERAPIST IN 2018. Grounded, clear, concise and structured - International Diploma in Bioenergy starts September 2017 Fife Scotland. see website for course content,terms and payment

2) SLEEPWELL- Discover Dowsing Wednesday 6th September Did you know the relationship you have with sleep and energy is the key to you becoming well? Here's how to move beyond symptoms.

If health issues are presently uppermost for you chances are you won't be sleeping well and your energy will be on the red, instead of concentrating your efforts on managing your illness why not learn how to gently develop both your energy and your sleep- our body's natural healer- as energy goes up our symptoms come...........

10am/12.30pm Learn to Dowse FOR A GREAT NIGHT'S SLEEP

7pm/9.30pm Learn to Dowse FOR A GREAT NIGHT'S SLEEP

NEW Skype Session- 30 minute DAILY DOWSE- Increase your energy daily! NEW FOR OCTOBER 2017.

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Natural Healing - for People and pets.

A down to earth, innovative approach to which people and animals respond. A fascinating 17 years of ups and downs working with energy has lead me to me a level of understanding and experience I wish to use for the benefit of both people and animals.

My mobile service is for pets. I use Bioenergy and Dowsing to create the necessary conditions which can promote your animals natural capacity to heal.

Because bioenergy is non-touch it's possible to work with even the most anxious and sensitive of horses or dogs. Dogs and horses are extremely sensitive to energy displaying an acceptance and trust in this process.

In my experience animals respond well to natural healing, they have an over-riding ability to accept without questioning.

When an animal fails to respond positively to treatment it is common to think or be told that there is nothing that can be done. However my experience has lead me to view this differently -when an animal struggles to respond approaching the situation in a language they understand can lead to a very different outcome. Healing is natural and animals respond to this communication as they recognise their inherent ability to get well provided the information is both something their body and mind recognise.

My mobile extends anywhere. I am presently active in Northumberland as well as areas of East Scotland however travel/distance is no barrier. To contact me phone or text direct on 07846 139 674.

PAYMENT (NB as of Jan 2017) First appointment usually lasts 1.5hrs followed by 3x1 hour appointments. All appointments cost £65.00.

I accept payment by credit card, bacs, cash or cheque.

What's New -"I would love to learn to heal" -Diploma in Bioenergy new for 2017-more details on my training page. Register your interest today!

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