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Pets Corner. George Mackenzie Healer & Dowser

Re-Align Your Horse's Energy

Bioenergy is equally successful in treating animals for a wide range of problems. I offer a Bioenergy Healing Mobile Clinic (I come to you)service for, dogs and horses covering. I welcome horses experiencing lameness, illness, recurring back problems, loss of sparkle and form or who may be struggling to regain their former self after injury, illness or incident . Bookings can be made directly with myself email me today or telephone 07846 139 974. What is Involved? For chronic conditions 4 consecutive 1 hour visits carried out over 4 consecutive days.

Here Bumble is being treated for an arthritic coffin joint. The pelvic region governs the flexibility of all your horses joints. It is sensitive and corresponds to the water element which gives natural flow and fluidity. Dissolving the pressure around her pelvis allows her flexibility to increase and will translate even to the front coffin joint. Its all connected, just as a blown bulb in your living room trips the switch say to the hallway lights so the pelvic energy centre is the main fusebox for the joints. All joint problems can be improved.

Pets Corner. Taking pressure from the back

Pets Corner. dog

This Bioenergy is Relaxing!

Totally chilled. Retreivers are prone to hip problems.Bioenergy offers a great solution to the pain and limping. Here you see Oden enjoying a bit of me time before resuming his active lifestyle.Its a dogs life!

Pets Corner. checking grounding

Absorb the Pressure

The energy located off the back end of a horse is crucial to the healing of any physical problems. Here you see me helping Bumble dissolving pressure which means she can start to absorb the energy from the ground where previously it was being repelled. What do you think the outcome will be when Bumble can learn to absorb instead of repel?

Pets Corner. Bumble eating

Even Time For a Nibble During Healing!

Animals love Bioenergy. Its a wonderful way to help them relax and feel less anxious which is terrifically healing. Here you see Bumble tasting the local delicacy as George attempts to balance her sacral and neck energy centres. Doing this ensures better movement and flexability.

Pets Corner. Horse rolling

Bioenergy and Rolling

Its great for anxious animals as you can remain quite a distance away and still have a great effect.Horses will often roll during a treatment.Guess this healing is fun!

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