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My Story. George Mackenzie Healer & Dowser

My Story. George Mackenzie

"Everyone has a contribution to make, we all have experience to share. Sometimes uncovering the positive in our experiences takes time, however once uncovered, sharing for the benefit of others is natural."

George began complaining of frequent, excruciating headaches even from his time at primary school. Over the next ten years or so he exhausted traditional medical routes, trying to discover the source and solution to the problem.With little resolution George learned to cope and adapt.

Joining the Metropolitan Police Force in 1986, meant fulfilling a lifelong ambition, however due to his symptoms, culminating in a period of depression, he resigned in 1989. Feeling in despair with traditional treatment methods, he turned his attention to alternative therapy and experienced a range of bodywork offered by holistic practitioners. Due to his experience with Bioenergy, the catalyst to a new chapter in his life, where self-discovery, self-awareness and self-development were the driving force, George decided to learn more. It was his personal experience of Bioenergy therapy which convinced him to provide the service for others. George recognised that self-development played an important role in his wellbeing and his thirst for knowledge, fuelled by the drive to feel better and his determination to help others, led him to train in Bioenergy with Michael D'Alton. He has attended advanced training with Michael over the years and in September 2014 successfully completed his level 4 training course "The Magical Mind".

George's main ability is to identify where and why client's energy has become stuck or depleted then assist in developing regeneration coupled with a better flow, which is necessary for healing to occur. With wisdom, knowledge and principles, he inspires others to begin their unique journey of repair, recovery and revitalisation, maximising their energy levels beyond anything previously experienced. George loves helping people and animals recover from illness click here discover how I can help your horse or dog and delights at the progress they make after sessions.

George has a goal of sharing Bioenergy with the people of Tayside and beyond. Creating a new, positive way of viewing health, through energy awareness, is at the core of what he does. His visionary thinking sees the day where holistic solutions are the norm. We are living in enlightened times where our established ways are continually questioned, redefined and improved. Bioenergy is part of this process.

George is married with a young family and a chocolate labrador pup called Lilly. His interests are 100% centred around healing work with both human and animals, although he is also enthusiastic about astrology,dowsing, geopathic stress, numerology and football. George is an avid supporter of Heart of Midlothian, explaining this as being "a genetic disorder within his family".

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