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The Importance of being Responsible July 2016

A recurring theme which runs through people and their recovery is the issue of Responsibility. It's a common human unconscious response to the people and things in our life but can actually effect greatly our level of recovery and ultimately our future health. Learning how we give our Responsibility away to others and how we take responsibility for others is key to managing our energy better, with better management of our energy comes increased health. From giving away our responsibility for our health to modern day medicine and feeling responsible for others ie family we are losing energy. I think that doctors and medicine have played and will continue to play a huge part in our future recovery from all sorts of disease and symptoms, however at some stage in the evolution of modern day medicine we have also become confused. The challenge for each of us is to discern between the necessary intervention of medical protocol and its offer of chemicals to mask our symptoms and the clear communication provided by our body which require a route of growth and discovery to get well. If you are caught in the cycle of never ending doctors appointments without quick resolution then chances are your internal compass requires you to stop, listen, and take responsibility. Life makes it easy to pass over our responsibility for our health however taking charge involves growth and self discovery. When was the last time you came out of a doctors appointment or hospital visit feeling energised and inspired yet without taking full responsibility we are happy to recreate these very same circumstance again and again.
As parents its a real hard thing to get, being responsible. One of the biggest energy zappers is how parents take responsibility for their children. Unwittingly we actually prevent growth of our children and diminish their sense of self by continually "taking responsibility ". If nothing else a change to "giving responsibility " has an immediate positive effect on yourself and others around you. It is through this conscious decision which as a person, parent or friend you can promote others development instead of stifling and always needing to fix, don't fix, support, support leads to growth, development and respect, fixing leads to rejection, conflict and resentment.
Your health is your responsibility, take charge it's worth it!

When we have the desire and will to step beyond conformity and search for solutions, we can start to awaken fully to the wonder of life, its potential and of course healing. Potential for recovery lies within us all. Somethings can spark this most basic of human responses. Bioenergy is a really successful tool, anyone can use to stimulate their innate healing source. It works, in a simple and quiet way yet is amazingly effective. A desire to feel better is a great starting point. George

Children, Parents and Illness Aug 2015

As a bioenergy therapist of 15 years experience I have witnessed many clients reaping the benefits of bioenergy. Most show immediate improvement, some establish a new level of health after making some adjustments in their rebalancing and re- evaluation process. Bioenergy seems to allow people the opportunity to make necessary change. You see the symptoms we present in life are a direct relationship to everything in our life. For instance a person who is experiencing the symptoms of chronic fatigue cannot get well without making adjustments, either to their professional or personal life, it just can't happen. All we have in life, including our illness, is in direct relationship to our energy, raise our energy and like magnets we attract new people, new experiences and new health. Therefore as we raise our energy and our symptoms start to disappear other aspects of our life automatically change. This is often experienced by clients who just can't break the shackles of work, doing longer hours and taking on more to the detriment of their health, joy and good things life has to offer.

This very wisdom is also at the source of our children's health and is no way designed to blame or ridicule you as a person or parent. Energy work is all about awareness and until we dip our toes in how can we become aware? Our children's energy is a direct reflection to the energy of one or both parents. Irrespective of their diagnosis children of early years can effect positive health benefit and recovery through their parents desire and willingness to turn their own attention inwards in an attempt to raise their own energy level.

For mums and dads their main focus is very often their child. When sickness happens the parents will often search high and low looking for solution. Hospital visits, looking for a wonder drug, searching out the expert physician, even raising 10's of thousands of pounds to attend pioneering treatment at hospitals in far away places, and through out all this the solution lies far nearer than you could even imagine the last place as a parent you are likely to look.

Our children reflect our energy like a mirror. As parents we do not need to have illness we just need to be in a situation which is depleting our energy. As our energy depletes then the children in our family who take their energetic lead from you are also learning and adopting those same depleting thoughts and behaviours. It is the depletion in energy which lies behind our children's illness. They can start their recovery as soon as the parent to which they are energetically connected with starts to turn their energy from a state of depletion to one of growth. It also helps for the ill child to have bio energy sessions of course it does, however, turning around a negative health situation for a child is best achieved when their,father,mother or both adopt the process to encourage their own energy growth. Remember our children always, always, always reflect us.

If you have a serious present health situation with one of your children turning your attention inwards is a really smart move. A great starting point is to identify those situations which act to deplete your energy, then once you become aware and assured of these, distancing yourself, or changing them could be the start of a process which will not only benefit you but ultimately bring health a step closer for your child. Coupled with a course of bioenergy sessions things will start to move forward at pace! It is perhaps hard to believe in these times of technology, "health related breakthroughs and advancement in scientific understanding of diseases and illness, the uncovering of genetics,that recovery from illness could lie in our own hands. The grass grows, the sun shines ,recovery happens!

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Put Down Your Struggle and Pick Up Your Dream- August 2015

Having more confidence is, I am sure you will agree, something from which we can all benefit.Whatever you happen to be in life a designer,joiner,footballer, golfer, tennis player, manager,teacher,driver,actor, singer,musician,tour guide, policeman,mother,father,etc all require us to perform a role. If we can increase that one magic ingredient, our confidence then whichever role you have adopted will be performed better and most people I know all strive to perform better. Having established the importance of confidence in our lives can we actually define confidence?

This isn't easy to define and after some soul searching I decided on the following as being the most suitable. I recognise confidence as a feeling,a state, an inner knowing,a trust, a sense of faith and belief in oneself and ability and a knowing who you are and what you stand for. I think we all may have our own definition none are right or wrong there just yours. It may be of value for you personally just to take a few minutes to assess your own confidence right at this moment, and to imagine what a 10%, 20%, or even 30% increase to your own level would be like and the difference it would make to your life and level of performance. It is something which may never have occurred to you that developing and increasing confidence can substantially positively impact your career and life.

What does confidence look like? This Is a great question and something definitely worth considering. There are places you can learn to "look more confident" body language technicians who can help you achieve a "look of greater confidence" even down to such detail as facial expression or the favourite hand gestures displayed by our politicians at the lead up to election time. However confidence I am talking about isn 't attained from the outside in, rather from the inside out. This superficial level can be easy to portray but carries little depth and can be fairly easy to identify.Thinking about supremely confident people most I know display this in "their response to unforeseen circumstances,people who are able to remain unruffled, calm and at ease in the face of any event." Imagine having the faith, ability and confidence to remain centred and responsive irrespective of the external circumstances.

We often hear of people giving confidence to others, such as a manager to a team, a work colleague or a husband or wife.This can be true to a certain extent however on our journey to true personal confidence this type of confidence whilst meeting a need doesn't' generally withstand more difficult external experience. What happens if our source of confidence leaves, moves on does true personal confidence plummet or remain and grow? Generally speaking I used to think that in order for me to grow in confidence it was something that just happened as a result of my experiences. True however what if our experiences where negative, how do we derive confidence from these? It is possible to do this however our confidence level must already be high. So if our experiences were good with favourable results the result would be a raise in confidence which in turn raises performance, however are you aware that true personal confidence can be developed and raised away from your role which when then applied to your role will raise significantly our ability to perform?

So how do we generate our own true personal confidence? This is really important for anybody to learn and understand because unless you pay attention and work, develop and nurture your confidence what you may find is that irrespective of your ability, or desire things may conspire against you and simply because of your confidence level your dream fades into ..........what I have come to learn, understand and wish to teach is that within everyone of us lies a well of limitless confidence which we can choose to drink from at any time. Unearthing our well of true personal confidence can be quite a journey and can mark a significant event in one's life. Some "choose a struggle" in life quite simply unaware of having a well, blind to the possibilities residing within,ignorant of the well! I believe everyone has the right to access their own well and then use it in a way they choose or see fit. My role involves gently nudging you in the direction of your own well. With the knowledge that we all have our own well then the logic of my thinking becomes clearer. If we all have our own well but are not accessing it then something must be in the way.Part of my role is to help you identify what and help you to shift it! Bioenergy does this through determining a better flow to our energy as these blocks can actually be felt by the therapist. What blocks? Well all the barriers in front of the well,, those thoughts and feelings of,not being good enough, not liking yourself, being critical of oneself, needing to prove yourself, a fear of success, I wish I hadn't, I regret, I should have and I should have done better and so on, it's our programmes of internal speech, our own internal critic we run within ourself born perhaps from one incident maybe small or significant, however it has become our silent habit which we may or may not admit to externally however the signs are their when you become aware what to look for!

Being able to detect these sorts of thoughts and feelings and helping clients dissolve them then help build a better thought and feeling habit is something which enthuses me beyond words. Why? Because it took me almost 40 years to locate mine and recognise the difference it made to me I naturally want you to experience the same. Once they are out of the way " the well" I mentioned earlier becomes accessible. If confidence has eluded you, if it has disappeared, if you are struggling to regain your former confidence level or simply see your way forward as to increase your confidence then a course of bio energy will connect you to the well, it's simple, profound and works! Put down the struggle and pick up your dream!

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September 2014 - Bioenergy and Chronic Back Pain

September 2014 - Bioenergy and Chronic Back Pain
My fifteen years of experience in bioenergy practice has introduced me to a large number of clients who have been blighted by back problems. My clients often have in depth knowledge of their spine; its workings, muscle groups, discs, bones, all of which has been gained from attending specialist appointments. My knowledge of the spine is limited, if I am completely honest. What I am about to tell you will seem, perhaps, a bit unusual. You may be disbelieving, dismissive or shocked, however if you have a chronic back problem, have even undergone back surgery and are still suffering, I hope you will consider my approach. I am going to say this gently. The reason for your continuing back problem is this; your back isn’t the problem. Take a second to gauge your response. Now let me say it again; your back isn’t the problem. Your back is merely responding.

Our back responds to the pressure which is created by our habitual thoughts and feelings. Like a malfunctioning computer, we run the same programme over and over, day after day. We create patterns of energy around us which build and build. Over time, this becomes so intense that a powerful force field is created around us and our physical body begins to respond to the pressure. It gets ‘pushed’ or ‘pulled’ continuously in unnatural ways and eventually, the pressure becomes so strong it has the effect of physically ‘pulling’ us apart, however our body can only flex to a certain point, therefore when that point is reached, ‘ping’. Your back is responding to you, your thoughts and feelings, and without gently changing them, your back condition will continue, irrespective of surgery, physiotherapy or manipulation.

Let me explain. Certain thoughts and feelings we have can cause this force, over a period of time. They are not bad, you are not bad, it’s just that we sometimes respond to life events this way because we know no other way. For example, one common factor among people with chronic back problems is they are too harsh and critical of themselves. Does this ring any bells? When your criticism of yourself becomes overbearing, the force within these thoughts is very strong. People with back problems are often stuck in negative patterns of being, thinking and feeling, however in my experience; every person has unique, special qualities which greatly outweigh the things they berate themselves about. By putting clients in touch with the positive aspects of themselves or rekindling a youthful desire, they can begin to recover from their chronic back pain.

The job of the Bioenergy Therapist is to locate the pressure which is the source of creating this stress on the back, understand what is causing it and communicate this to his/her client. From here,attention then turns to establishing a new, improved way of thinking and feeling, where positivity, self-esteem and confidence grow.

Without the pressure, without the ‘push’ or ‘pull’, your spine will find its sense of strength, its ability to ‘stand tall’. Natural forces, like gravity, will stretch you in a relaxed, empowering way and your back, de void of pressure, will find its resting place in a gentle, strong position, allowing the body do what it does best, heal. The grass grows, the fish swim and, like this, healing will occur, simply because it does.

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