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Here's why Bioenergy is so successful!

Are you aware- we are unique and all carry our own unique rhythm? Do you know conforming to situations may not be best for your own unique rhythm which when disturbed communicates its discomfort through illness, pain and symptoms?

BioEnergy is a unique, hands-off therapy which enables discovery of more energy and re-introduces a sense of balance and well being .

Quickly, subtly yet powerfully our body's respond to the correct information. Bioenergy sessions act as a catalyst to turn a persistent, problematic, and energy draining health situation into a bright empowering future. Each session moves to restore our relationship with ourr own unique natural rhythm. A greater awareness of how we utilise our energy begins to unfurl.

The transitions we then choose bring us closer yet, to living life in a way which supports and nurtures our self which lies at the heart of recovery. Your truth is waiting, prompting and nudging you towardsmore energy, lying within, like gold in the ground

There is a recurring factor that exists, whenever injury, illness or symptom is experienced. For it to occur, our energy has become blocked. For most of us we experience symptoms, look for a diagnosis and then take the prescribed medicine never contemplating the fact "my energy must be blocked". This is communicated to us not only through our illness but also the way we feel and goes deeper than just not feeling happy or content. For me the feelings of disempowerment, being stuck, powerless, hopeless, unable to move forward, scared, not wanting to offend, upset others or rock the boat, the feeling of despair, seperation, of feeling useless were all indications of my energy being blocked but I didn't know this how could I? These types of feelings always, always accompany health symptoms we don't want. There are other ingredients that come together for you to experience illness, it never just happens. Yes there may have contributory factors in our DNA, excuses like my blood sugar is low or other things which we allow to determine the outcome without taking proper responsibility for, environmental factors, the food we eat, lifestyle and we can even trick ourself into thinking we don't carry such feelings but our feelings we have act as the binding which keeps us in the experience of illness!

Consequently, personal recovery begins when we are able to identify the main source of energy blockage, and it may not be what you think, understand why it is occurring and begin the process of restoration, building and continual rejuvenation. This form of recovery is energising, rewarding, simple yet so effective.

Bioenergy Healing Opens Doors to More Energy

It's a non-invasive therapy which successfully treats physical, emotional and mental imbalances in our body by accessing and working with our Bioenergy Field. Bioenergy Healing practitioners use a range of specialised hand techniques around our body to remove stagnant energy and re-establish the natural, balanced flow of your Bioenergy Field.

George trained with Bioenergy Healer and Trainer Michael D'Alton in 2001 and now teaches the practice to Diploma level, though the weekend introductory course is a great way to find out more click here or just call me on my mobile 07846 139 674 , the course is accredited to the Michael D'Alton School of Bio-Energy Healing

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